We Scan the Big Stuff!


Lay3D Reality Capture provides high quality long range 3D laser scanning for use in architectural, mechanical, and structural design, analysis, and inspection in industrial, construction and marine settings. We do land-based projects in our multi-state region and marine industry projects on the inland waterways, Gulf and Atlantic Coasts.


We offer 3D laser scanning, also called reality capture. We capture millions of real-world range points in a space or on an object within seconds. Our scanners range up to 350 meters. This scanning is non-intrusive and faster and more accurate than traditional measurements. These range points are processed into a point cloud that has numerous purposes.

As-built Measurements
Detailed accurate measurements of large complex industrial and commercial spaces and large equipment. 3D laser scanning provides millions of points to allow future measurements without the need to revisit a facility or redock a marine vessel.
3d Measurement Services
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing of large objects. For example, we have experience with large workboat propellers with diameters up to 10 feet.
Asset Inspection
3d Measurement Services
3D point cloud data and panoramic camera images provide indisputable evidence of the condition of an asset and documentation. On-charter/off-charter of marine assets is one example.
Digital Twin Creation
3d Measurement Services
Form the basis for developing detailed models of an object, building, and machinery areas
Fly-through renderings
3d Measurement Services
– Training and illustration for team members and clients [who may never access the 3D CAD model or drawing package]
– Marketing large complex commercial buildings or other assets
2D and 3D CAD drawings
3d Measurement Services
The point cloud can be used to create or update 2D and 3D CAD.
Latest works
Imperial Theatre
Historic East Broadway
Tug Bow Measurement and Inspection
Mechanical/Engine Room
Boat Hull Measurement and Inspection
Historical Preservation
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing